Question / Help Capture a window without capturing the cursor


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Hello there

I have ran into a problem. I want to capture a window but not the cursor.

When opening the menu of the window, the "cursor capture" box does not appear, unlike in the case of capturing a screen. Only "client area" box appears.

Is there another way to achieve it? If not, why?
(I use the Spanish version, some translations may be wrong)


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Same "problem" goes here.

Setting capture method to "bitblt" enable the option, but the screen became black and i got no recording.

I found out some software's windows, also under "automatic" capture method, enable the "cursor capture" box, but not the one i need to.

Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance for any kind of support

PS. Nevermind, noticed the forum is already plenty of question like mine and it has already been answered


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If window capture only works with the Automatic or "Windows Graphics Capture" method, the mouse pointer is always present. It's a Windows thing. OBS asks Windows "gimme that window" and Windows is giving OBS this window, but Windows always includes the mouse pointer. It cannot be disabled, at least not with the current Windows version (1909).