Bug Report Can't initialize Audio Device with Razer Kraken 7.1

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  1. yatsuman New Member

    Hi guys,

    Today I've got my new headset (Razer Kraken 7.1) and tried to go streaming. Unfortunately, I cannot do so, because of an error message, which shuts down the OBS clinet. The eror message claims that OBS "Cannot initialize desktop audio sound, more info in the log file. So, I chenged the default audio device in windows (my onboard audio), the mic was set to the Kraken 7.1. And I was able to stream again. However, I find it quite annoying, since I want to hear what I'm listening to on my headset.

    Here's a copy of the Error log file.
    Please help!

    Thanks and regards,
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  3. shun80 New Member

    Razer Hydra having same issue. please help

  4. dodgepong Administrator


    Did the above solution work? You need to disable your Kraken Launcher from launching on startup, and then reboot.
  5. firenfly New Member

    open your task manager and close the kraken sys audio launcher, then re launch obs and everything will work fine, had the same issue for a while till i figured this out, doesnt seem to have any effect on the headset audio or synapse that ive noticed.

    yay back to streaming