Can't Do Multiple Audio Inputs Ubuntu 18.04

I have a USB Web Camera plugged in with it's own mic, I have an hdmi capture with audio, and a analogue stereo input in my PC.
When I use OBS only one sound input takes over and the others don't do anything. When I unplug and plug a device back in via usb it becomes the dominant audio source.
There was only one occasion where the HDMI audio and web camera audio worked at the same time by a sequence of events that I haven't reproduced.
The Webcamera and stereo audio input are the most important. For some reason the audio from usb hdmi capture cards is only seen as mono most of the time. That's why I ran the analogue input in. And of course the program just crashed and won't re-start. I deleted the obs studio config file to start over. That didn't help.