Canon m50 and Elgato camlink recording in OBS. Preview looks good, but recordings quality drop.


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Hi there!
I just got a camlink for my DSLR, and I am not a videophile, so I am having trouble with settings. For streaming and the preview before recording it looks pretty good (a smidge grainy), but after recording and going into the file, my videos quality is significantly worse than my cameras quality and what OBS is showing it is recording.
My cameras is set to video and 4K recording.

I provided the log for the very last recording, I noticed bumping the bitrate around did give slightly better results, but I have no clue what I am doing with bitrate, so knowing if that is the issue and what to bump it to would be so helpful, and if there is anything else I am missing!

Thanks so much!


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Check usb bandwitch only one capture device per USB roothub

14:35:22.837: Game Bar: On
14:35:22.837: Game DVR: On
14:35:22.837: Game DVR Background Recording: On
Disable it

ANd i stop here to read the log you use the stremelement plugin and this make looking the log like shit.