Camera lag/fps drops using sony a7ii+elgato hd60s


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in not sure how to describe the problem exactly.
i´m using my HD60s to capture video from mi Sony a7ii and every 60 seconds or so, the video lags/lowers framerate for obout 1 or 2 secs (its like is going from 30 to 12 fps)
this is a consistent behavior no matter if i am streaming, recording o just previewing.

I changed all setting to custom. lowered iso, 1080 60, 1080 30, shutter speed & file size on camera.
I updated all firmware and reinstalled Obs.

My camera works prefectly fine on its own and recording on elegato 4k capture work just fine (no lag or droped frames ever)

Any ideas of what may be causing the problem?

Log file