Bug after Windows 11 update


I updated my Windows 10 to Windows 11 and after that the OBS Studio crash when open any properties box. Can be from capture screen, capture video input or anothers.

How Ican to fix that?

My Windows 11 release is official downloaded via windows update.


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Go back to Windows 10?
Win11 is half-baked at this point. Even MS Surface devices have only a portion of their drivers updated for Win11. And lots borked in Win11.
So unless you REALLY need to be on Win11, I'd stick to Win10 for at least 6 months or longer, with hope Win11 doesn't become another WinME, Vista, or 8. If you need a specific feature/functionality of Win11, expect glitches like this.
If you search this forum, you'll see others having issues. Sometimes its a plugin, sometimes capture device drivers, etc.
You´re right!!!

The Windows 11 had a new update and Samsung Support also. So after this update and instalation of the drives, curiously the OBS issues from proprieties box is gone.

However I know that I need wait the OBS support to Windows 11. It´s no save that will have new bugs else.