Question / Help Browser Source NOT Reloading when Entering Scene


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So, I have a scene which loads a browser source which is a vertical scrolling credits screen and it is not reloading each time I enter the scene.
I have both of those options at the bottom selected and have tested it with them off and on and it still does not work.

This is the last part of my initial setup that I need to clear.

Thanks all!


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Surely someone has solved this somewhere?
Is there a CSS and JS solution which woul create the scrolling effect that will work in OBS?
I have been trying a few and cannot get the solutions to work.



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OK, here is my CSS solution:

/* set height and width of area */
body { width:1083px; height:720px; overflow:hidden; position:relative;}

/* #Main div container for page's content */
/* how many seconds the seconds scroll animation will last */
#Main { position: absolute; top: 100%; animation: scroll 120s linear infinite; }

@keyframes scroll
0% { top: 0%; }
100% { top: -750%; } /* relative speed through time - not sure how this works */