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Hello, I'm sorry this is my first post on the forum, please understand :)

This is the situation: there are 3 places that I would like to give a picture of, places are very far apart from each other, so NDI other solutions in the lan network are dropped: /.

I came up with a phone that transmits the image on youtube anywhere.

While I was in the studio, I could receive 3 broadcasts from youtube channels using the "source browser plug-in"

everything works when it comes to the image, but I do not have control over the sound: /

the sound flies in a non-controlled way with all sources at once, and the volume control does not appear in the mixer.

Another source option> VLC player> URL gives you control over the sound, but the image captured from youtube is in tiny resolution and quality, i.e. not useful. This solution also falls out.

Now questions: D
Is it possible to control the mixer in some way using the sliders of the "source browser" sound?

Is there any dedicated plugin to receive video from youtube?
Maybe something like it is in Vmix - RTMP, RTSP Input Streams

Is there any other stable way to receive video from youtube and
control the sound source (I will add the screening of the desktop also falls)?

As something I can draw the whole connection diagram as I see it.
I am sorry if something is not clear and for my English, I use Google Translator



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The browser source does not support any kind of audio control, all the audio is sent to the default desktop audio device. We cannot change that (yet).
To transmission from 3 or more place use nginx-rtmp server (need not NAT access, e.g. buy vps server for 1 or 2, 4 euro per month), stream to rtmp server, get stream from this server (Media Source).