broken AMD encoder


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Operating system and version: Windows 10 May Update 2020
OBS Studio version: 25.0.8

Expected Behavior
A smooth 1080p60 video with a bitrate of 10000-20000Kbps depending on the game

Current Behavior
Losing most of the frames and the video seem like a succession of photos

Steps to Reproduce
  1. open obs
  2. choose AMD hardware decoder from your graphics and choose any high or low bitrate
  3. start recording
Additional information
Show the overload message in the encoder all the time still and using any quality profile.
Programs that were being recorded for performance tests the ghost recon wildlans and the division 2 (performance tests of these).
Using the graphics driver software itself the video is completely smooth even with higher bitrate and less fps is lost in the game


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12:29:39.783: Output 'adv_file_output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 2906 (26.0%)
12:29:39.829: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 6019/10009 (60.1%)
Your GPU is overloaded. AMD's AMF utilizes GPU resources for handling encoding (unlike NVENC which is a completely standalone section of the GPU core and is unaffected by game load). You'll need to reduce load on the video card to allow smooth recording. Turn down in-game video quality options, impose a framerate limiter, etc.

Alternately, if you are ONLY recording, using Simple Mode with the x264 Low-CPU option can provide a minimal-impact way to record video. The resulting files will be quite large, but can be re-encoded in non-realtime with better quality compression using a tool like Handbrake.

Also-unfortunately, AFAIK the AMF encoder module is currently without a maintainer due to several personal issues, not the least being the fact that AMD cares about AMF exactly enough to say the words 'we care about AMF' and nothing more, including aggressively breaking AMF's own standards and internal feature level support at a whim on successive driver updates.


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your software aka OBS is buggy af . I was using it few years without issues but now AMD encoder or something else is broken. The recorded videos are laggy. How is that only in OBS? There is some BIG problem with AMD encoder. Idk if is related to the game you recording, I have issues in Path of Exile... cant record any gameplay due to massive lag in the recorded video. How in ReLive is smooth and perfect but OBS is laggy af? Just dont have enough settings in ReLive sadly otherwise will not even try OBS.


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Why I cant delete/edit my post? damn... if you can remove the reply I posted above please?

I started this time OBS as Admin and it seems I dont have the lag in my videos anymore, is it really possible this to be the reason?

here some stats from 5-10min

only rendering lag, this is not related to OBS but the game?