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BraneBot - The complete streamer solution. 100% cloud based bot + channel manager

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce BraneBot to the OBS community. First off; BraneBot is 100% cloud based. It runs on Amazon Web Services. Currently it is 100% free during open beta (started 2 weeks ago). What our goal was, was to make something that will replace every single bot out there in one place. We have been in development for over a year.

Signup is super easy just go to...​

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I very much doubt you have permission to use the Twitch logo in the way you are using it in your promotional materials. You should probably look into that and change it.

Also, you keep using the word "CLR", but I don't think you know what you are saying. The "CLR" is not the name of an OBS plugin. It stands for Common Language Runtime, which is what .NET applications run on, such as those written in C#. Presumably your application is not a .NET application?

OBS has a plugin called the CLR Host plugin that lets people write plugins for OBS in C# instead of C++ like normal. Faruton wrote that plugin, and also wrote a plugin for the CLR Host plugin called the CLR Browser plugin that uses the CLR Host plugin to add a Browser source.

If the CLR Browser source plugin is what you actually mean when you use CLR all over your application and advertising, perhaps you should change that to say "Browser source", since there are other browser plugins that do not require the use of the CLR Browser plugin, such as the Browser plugin for OBS Multiplatform.

Also, since you also have a paid version in addition to your free version, I'm marking this resource as Semi-free.

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It's a great bot. Cloud based option rather than client side is nice for offline currency for viewers. The features are great, but lately the reliability and uptime of the bot has been lackluster. Some days I can't even load up the website. Hopefully they get their uptime more reliable, as not having a bot active in a channel is very frustrating since you miss follower alerts, donation alerts and overall end up with a barebones channel again.

+ for feature
- for uptime reliability