Question / Help Blue Yeti - I get a repeating Echo. What settings?


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So I just received my Yeti Nano microphone, however on my twitch stream I am getting an echo that repeats over and over quieter and quieter each time.
I've disabled my webcam mic and any other microphones. It stops as soon as I disconnect the Yeti so its definitely the Yeti. I didnt have any problems at all when I was using my headset microphone.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here or what setting I could have wrong?


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If something is playing back to some speaker what is recorded by your Yeti, this is picked up by the Yeti and here you have your echo loop. You should make it so that the only output device where you monitor your voice is your headset/headphones. If you don't use headphones, don't monitor the mic to any speakers.