Blue yeti and OBS


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I am having problems with my blue yeti silver whenever I record a video. I have obs to record my gameplay, game audio, and my voice. Everything works except the the recording of my voice sometimes. I would connect the blue yeti and record a bit of gameplay to test it and I hear my voice but when I want to record gameplay with my friends and I assume that it record everything which it did except my voice. I do like 2 or 3 test recording to see if my voice is being recorded which I do hear my voice but after the test records, my voice is not being recorded. Before what I did was that I would disable the mix and apply in the settings and then enable the mic to where it would but after I stop a record, I would repeat the process of disabling and enabling. Then I found a video where if I make my blue yeti the default mic then I would not have a problem which is what I have now. After 2 or 3 recordings I hear my voice but when I begin to start recording and stop, then check if my voice has been recorded, my voice would not be there. Also for my mic audio in OBS, I do see the levels of my mic everytime so that is why I am wondering why obs is not recoring my voice even though I see me the level in the audio mixer.


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