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I have used OBS before, but my driver card was updated and now I cannot use the display capture. Instead I only see a black screen.
I am sure it is the driver because I tried to solve the problem.
Uninstall the AMD software and it worked again without problems, but it is constantly installed automatically so I think there should be some solution.
Can you help me solve it?
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HI Hans046
Try this... Go to Windows Settings, select System... go to Display settings, at the bottom of the windows go to Graphics settings, keep Classic app selected, Browse and go to obs64.exe folder, maybe is:C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit and clic on add. OBS Studio must be configured in Power Saving mode. Its works for me on Dell Inspiron 5570 with AMD Radeon(TM) 530. Follow the pictures below.


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