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    Settings for iMac Intel i7 - 3,8 Ghz - 128 GB RAM - AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8GB

    I want to record Videos in 4K in OBS Studio Release 28.1.2 (64bit) Base screen 3840 x 2160 Output 3840 x 2160 FPS frames are set on 60 FPS Recording settings are set on USERDEFINED OUTPUT Container Format: Standard Videobitrate 64000 Kbps...
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    AMD Ryzen 5-series compatibility

    I am looking to purchase a desktop to use for live-streaming and recording a church service. I am using Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro as the USB camera input into OBS as a scene. Also using a secondary screen capture as a scene to display scriptures. My current computer has not been working at...
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    Question / Help Amd laptop not working

    The laptop I’m using is an acer nitro 5 2018 with an amd ryzen 5 and an rx560x. When using game capture obs works fine, though it doesn’t work with display capture. I was wondering if anyone could help with this? When I select display capture there is only a black screen.
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    Question / Help Fix Black Screen - AMD Radeon

    I've tried so many ways, to fix black screen on my OBS. In AMD radeon settings they said to change 'system' - 'switchable graphics' - then choose 'power saving' since the OBS will be blackscreen if it still in 'high performance'. I've changed it to 'power saving' but when I launch OBS it...
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    Question / Help Obs studio game capture only record a small icon to the left.

    I've been trying for many hours but i have an issue with obs studio while I'm trying to game capture Roblox studio but whatever I do it only captures a small bit of the screen in the left i can't fix it and i really need help i tried reinstalling and uninstalling obs but it doesn't GPU: AMD...
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    Question / Help OBS Desktop View Black Screen Issue

    Hi, I have the desktop view black screen issue in OBS on my HP laptop which has two graphics adapters: - Intel graphics - AMD Radeon graphics I can record with window view, but I really would be able to record the whole desktop aswell. Please help. Best, Adrian
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    hi SOMEONE TOLD ME HIS PROBLEM SOLVED HERE i have problem in amd graphice drive its when i play game(assassins creed ody or orgins or other game ) its crash its was working good before but when i open power options >change plan settings >change advanced power settings >AMD graphics power...
  8. H

    Question / Help Black Screen with AMD Radeon

    426/5000 I have used OBS before, but my driver card was updated and now I cannot use the display capture. Instead I only see a black screen. I am sure it is the driver because I tried to solve the problem. Uninstall the AMD software and it worked again without problems, but it is constantly...
  9. Jonz00r

    Question / Help Keep crashing with AMD GPU

    I'm trying to use x264 to encode but my screen goes black for a second and OBS crashes.