Question / Help Black screen on youtube stream (latest OBS version)

I entered the correct streaming url geven by youtube

My OBS settings seems allright, although I don't know how I have to configure the recommended "4.1" profile.

I get sound, but no image. I'm trying to capture desktop to test the stream but also, the image remains black.

I also have set on youtube that the maximum resolution is 720, and in the options for OBS, I have configured to do 1.50 scale reduction (which equals to 1280x720, as source I chose monitor 1.

What else can I do to remedy the situation ? thx.


Post a log if possible. Also a good idea would be to output to file to verify if it's just generally outputting black, because your post seems to suggest it's something wrong specifically for streaming to youtube, which I doubt.

I tested "file output" and that just works, I can open the mp4 in sony movie studio just fine and it even switches to desktop and game capture.

I can also say it works fine on twitch. However when doing the same to youtube, it shows black screen.

Here is the log

I've seen that I have aero on (in windows 8.1) , and some people say that's not recommended? However that doesn't pose a problem of streaming on twitch.


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YouTube has a place where it can tell if your stream has errors, no? Perhaps check there?

Perhaps it's complaining about keyframe interval, since you're not using CFR. Maybe enabling CFR would help.
if you talk about the control room, it says "all good" and "receiving stream info" and in big fat green letters"OK" :) Or is there another page that can give me more specific errors ?

I've tried everything they said,
maybe somewhat irrelevant from the topic but I noticed that using 64bit obs isn't working at all (also black screen locally).

(but it doesn't solve my problem when using 32bit obs on youtube)
ongoing research:

I tried to test if it has anything to do with "hardware accelerated video", because locally saved h264 movies aren't even playing back normally in quicktime, but it does in sony movie studio 12, and I was trying to find info on that, but it seems theres no "troubleshoot" tab in my display advanced properties in the control panel.

So I'll research this further.

Maybe not related, but payday 2 totally derps out OBS, I have to restart it in order to make sure I can stream dota 2 / left 4 dead 2 again. So many reasons that "black screen" are happening. It's not simply a matter of not showing up on youtube.


Yea, admittedly I'm not entirely sure in this case, if you do figure out what's going on though do post it here in case it helps someone else out. I don't always have all the answers unfortunately, and youtube is a bit outside of my knowledge and I need to spend more time testing it in the future.

Is there something else I can do ? on youtube I see the following for encoding:

Progressive scanning (no interlacing)
High Profile
2 consequent B-frames
Closed GOP-structuur. GOP of half framespeed.
Variabele bitspeedbitsnelheden op een rij hebben gezet.
Colorspace: 4.2.0

Is it possible to have advanced h.264 settings for these specs ?