Bitrate keeps dropping & stream lags


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I used to be able to stream just fine, but for about a month now I keep having issues and I don't know what caused that change. I keep getting warnings about my bitrate and viewers complain about regular stutters of the stream I have tried to tinker with the settings but to no avail. I started using an ethernet cable but that didnt improve the stream. The logs seem to be littered with the dynamic bitrate feature having to adjust / lower the bitrate, but I lack the knowledge to make sense of the rest of the logs and find the source of the problem.

I'd be grateful for any help narrowing down the cause of the issue or tips on what I can try to do to solve this. Thanks <3


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1. good luck
2. most of the time from what I've seen over last 3 years, a varying (decreasing) upload/streaming bitrate issue has nothing to do with OBS. There are LOTS of threads on this. there aren't easy answers.
- make sure PC isn't overloaded, or using that a PoS plugin (like streamelements, though not in your case apparently) causing timeout issues
- then onto network troubleshooting. could be other traffic on your LAN, your ISP connection, or your ISP itself .. my approach is to rule out items I'm responsible (EVERYTHING on the local area network (LAN), and my 'modem' (ie connect LAN to WAN, whatever technology you are using for ISP connection). Whether your modem (and/or router) is your responsibility or your ISPs depends on your connection contract.

Log observations
- You have audio sources at different bitrates... and a 5 generation old CPU for a computationally demanding task. so I'd recommend fixing the audio sampling rate mismatch
- with that GPU, why aren't you using NVENC?
- Make sure you are NOT thermally throttling that system (most likely CPU), especially as you are using color correction
- CBR typically used (required) for streaming. but not ideal for recording.