Question / Help Bitrate Dips and Dropped Frames


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I've been experiencing a ton of issues with bitrate dips, and framerate drops, I've seen all the videos talking about this problem, and none of them have helped me fix it, I have an intel i7 6700k, and a 1050ti, 50Mbps of download and 5Mbps of upload, I stream at 720p30fps with 2500 bitrate, CBR, CPU Usage = veryfast, Profile = high (all this with the x264 encoder, and latest OBS 23.2.1 version), which I think are good settings according my specs, but still I'm struggling bitrate dips from 2400Kbps to 480Kbps for short periods of time, resulting in video buffering for my viewers, I'm desperate to find a solution, so, please, if anyone has some information that can help me, I would highly appreciate it :3


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