Bit rate "High Quality" and "Indistinguishable Quality"


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In the "Output" tab, session "Recording", we have four presets for recording quality. The first preset (Same as stream), set by the transmission parameters and the last preset (Lossless Quality), practically uses the same bit rate of the audio/video as the original video.

What bit rate (audio and video) used in the intermediate presets "High Quality" and "Indistinguishable Quality"?



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Quality presets do not use a bitrate target, they use a quality target. If all you stream is a static image, the resulting file will be tiny compared to a full motion FPS game. The presets use either CRF (x264) or CQP (NVENC) based on your canvas resolution. You can see the actual value used in the log file after starting a recording.
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@R1CH, thank you for your quick reply.

So all presets (except "Same as stream") are not based on bitrate, but rather on quality?
For example, the "Lossless" preset then lets us use a value of 0, the "Indistiguable" uses 18, and the "High Quality" uses 28 (considering CRF).


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And in the case of "Lossless" we do not have the option to select the encoder, which one is used? x264 or Hardware? In the log I could not identify...