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mindplay submitted a new resource:

Better voice recordings - Use free ReaPlugs VST effects for "broadcast" style voice recordings

To get better and more intelligible voice-recordings, with a more pleasant "broadcast" or "studio" feel to them, you can use a combination of built-in and (free) third-party VST plug-ins - in this guide I'll show you how to get started.

This will take about 20 minutes to set up, but if you're currently post-processing your audio in an editor after recording a screencast, this should save you some time overall :-)


The filter chain we're going to build consists...

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This doesn't cover increasing mic volume tho if you're a bit further away, right? How would I set that? I'm using a condenser microphone and "suffer" from far too directional input, meaning if I move my head to my second screen I'm super quiet then. Any way to compensate for this?
I recently bought the Blue Yeti in the hopes of achieving that Studio sound but apparently that is not enough. The mic came recommended by many sites such as PCgamer, techrader and PGR ( ) but I still think my stream sounds pretty much like it did when I used my HyperX Cloud 2 headset mic. Any tips on this? Sorry if it is the completely wrong place to post it but I couldn't find a specific topic for this. Thanks!


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Nice guide with very solid values and advice. It seems to work great with my Sennheiser PC350 SE headset mic. One thing I add is a low pass filter at 18000 Hz with a 2 octave bandwidth in the EQ since the high shelf is providing so much boost to high end noise/static past 10KHz which is not really necessary to hear a male voice, at least, for a female voice this may not be appropriate or should be adjusted (might make your voice sound muffled or less bright). I dunno if this is technically right, it seemed to knock out the high end noise/hiss I was picking up from my mic after applying the EQ, but it sounded better to me.


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Thanks for this amazing guide.

I have bought my first XLR mic (Rode Podmic) and Interface (M-Audio Solo), but I have an annoying resonance in my OBS recordings. So I tried to get rid of it and improve my sound by using this guide and I followed all the steps, but I can't do everything because I work on a (M1) mac... Is there a guide that will help me on my machine/setup? Or can you perhaps help me out?