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I'm playing Warframe, a very fast action game on a 1080p screen with fps limited to 60.

I upgraded my pc from old i5/Radeon R9 to Ryzen 1800X and Geforce 1080p. Previously I streamed in 720p@48fps with Quick Sync encoder.

Now with the Ryzen I did some streaming tests with these parameters:
  • -x264
  • medium preset
  • 1080p
  • 60 fps
  • 6000 kbps
  • lanczos
  • animation mode
My webcam and the stream overlay are very sharp but game is blurry in fast action movements, see the jagged edges of the character here:


The CPU load is around 60% with fast preset. If I switch to medium or slow preset it goes to 80-90% and the stream starts to lag, but strangely without dropped frames in OBS. I also tried NVENC, jagged egdes are less visible but the overall is less sharper.

What should I change in my settings ?

Thank you !


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First of all reduce the resolution.
Over 70% of the viewers are not watching in fullscreen mode without chat on a 1080p device and this will increase your bitrate per pixel.
You could drop to 30fps which will visibly improve the movement pixelation, but of course be less smooth (I still prefer 30fps for streaming).

X264 with medium or even slow preset will be better than very fast preset or NVENC,but still it won't make up for the fact, that 6000kbit/s is not enough for a 1080p 60fps video with high details in a lot of fast movement.
If you do some testing with local recordings and quality based variable bitrate, you'll see, that even for 720p 60fps there are moments where you'll need way over 12.000kbit/s for high quality recordings.


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Thanks for your reply @BK-Morpheus. I thought that 6000 kbps was enough for 1080p@60fps and the limit for Twitch. I tried 10000 and 12000 kbps and indeed the image quality is better. But as I'm only affiliate and not partner so Twitch not always recompress my stream to lighter format.