Question / Help Best option for off site video capture?


So I use an HD60pro to capture my PS4pro game play at 1080p60. This is no issues since it's a local video source using "Video Capture Device." What is the BEST AND FREE way to capture my friend's PS4 game play who lives in a different state? Also keeping in mind that Player 2 uses a HD60s so we want to try and keep as much of the video feed in sync without having to delay everything to match the delayed capture if sent using something complex like RTMP or something which averages 2+ seconds of delay on the receiving end. Right now each of these setups have no recognizable delay from the feed.

I currently have 2 ways, both of which have bugs.

Option 1, SKYPE
Step 1) Player 2 has OBS w/ VirtualCam output to Skype
Step 2) Player 1 adds NDI Skype Source into Scene

- Medium CPU usage (not even counting OBS)
- Small watermark
- 1080p30 max frame rate and resoultion
- If network connection dips on either side, it will AUTOMATICALLY switch to a lower bandwidth option in NDI and the source AUTOMATICALLY transform from a 1080p30 to 480p30

Option 2, MediaLooks NDI transport
Step 1) Player 2 OBS NDI Output
Step 2) Player 2 Outputs OBS NDI source in MediaLooks Transport APP to cloud
Step 3) Player 1 Captures input from MediaLooks Cloud server within Video Transport App
Step 4) Player 1 Adds NDI source in OBS from MediaLooks Transport app

- HUGE watermark
- 150.00/mth to remove watermark
- HIGH CPU usage (not counting OBS)
- Low quality with Medium CPU usage options
- Really bad artifacting if network dips even slightly
- NO sound from video feed / VIDEO FEED only limitation

Does anyone have any experience with this? I got tired of having Player 2 Stream to another twitch account, then using a "Browser" source that is full screen as a source in OBS, the lag was too bad.