Been streaming without issues with OBS for years, but now suddenly dropping to 0KB/s an hour or so into stream


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Hello! I've been streaming using OBS for quite a while now, but in the last few weeks or so I've been running into a recurring issue with OBS. I'll be going along streaming just fine, everything is running smoothly, and my KB/S will suddenly drop down to 0 and OBS will start going through the 'disconnected' process oftentimes failing and going fully offline before reconnecting, and then for a little while afterwards it will usually be a bit shaky going from green-yellow on the KB/S before finally going back to normal. Every stream my last couple streams this has happened which is annoying cause then I have to download the streams to merge them together before uploading to Youtube instead of just exporting them directly.

I've got 100mbps fiber from Centurylink and the connection itself is fine, I even tried running a speedtest once when OBS was having its problems and it wasn't my internet, could still get to everything else without issue. I also ran the test to check my best twitch server and I'm already on my best/closest one (Chicago). The games I've been playing recently have been ones I've done many times before, and I even have done one where the game capture was coming in through a capture card so the PC wasn't even what was running the game so it isn't an issue of my CPU or something running out of juice (usually my CPU usage percentage in the corner of OBS even when the kb/s dies is still 4% or so). My settings for streaming are already pretty low. I stream at 720p and have my kb/s set at 2500 like I have for ages. I'm just not sure what changed and I'm at a loss for what to do about it. Is it an issue with OBS (i.e. would changing to another program like SLOBS instead fix it)? Is there some other common thing that could be causing the random kb/s crash?

Tonights Stream log:


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Have you used Windows' Task Mgr/Resource Monitor to check you PC resource utilization (and possibly identify any local bottlenecks)?

Is there anyone or anything else on your local network possibly competing for bandwidth (even if no user using device)?