Bad Encoding from Nvenc


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Hey Forums , So recently i bought a Ryzen 7 2700 and Gigabyte RTX 2060 super

The reason to buy that GPU was its Nvenc Encoder for Streaming and Recording purpose of my game

But somehow i am facing an issue that when i Record or Stream a High Demanding Game like :- Watch Dogs 2 , Call of Duty Warzone , Rainbow 6 Siege , so the 3D encoding gets more than 97% usage and the Recording/Stream starts to stutter or it feels like its having FPS drops , but not in game

Also i tried to change all kinds of Settings from Bitrate to Run as admin , everything , but the same Issue is being faced , somehow in the beginning of the recording/streaming for the first 5 minutes and then it starts to stutter

I also checked This Video , and tried the same settings he did , but still am getting stutters , also in SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS) the 3D encoder reaches 100%+ , means it starts bottlenecking and my Recording/Stream suffers a LOT means A LOT , also i have saw streamers who have RTX 2060 and their stream is running perfect , with no issues like Xyaa , i don't think she got another streaming PC becausue i once watched her stream and she said that if Electricity goes out the pc and the stream stops , that directs to Single PC streaming

Also 1 more thing that when i use Nvidia Shadowplay or you can say Geforce Experience the Stream or Recording is running Perfect no issues at all , even i tried Shadowplay after using OBS and the results were MindBlowing , the reason i don't wanna use Shadowplay is that , it doesn't have all those features like stream overlays ( well Shadowplay does but you know OBS gives you much more than that)

I hope i get a solution Thanks

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This forum only provides support for OBS studio. If you're willing to use it, then provide a log file of a streaming or recording session.