Bug Report Automatic Scene Switcher and Advanced Scene Switcher problems


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I'm frustrated trying to get either the built-in Automatic Scene Switcher or Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to work. I'm running OBS 23.2.1 on Ubuntu 16.04. Everything works great except automatic scene switching. Automatic scene switching is important to me since I switch back and forth between 3 desktops / windows, each with a different app and different "scenes."

Automatic Scene Switcher has an issue not seeing browser windows. However, even when not in fullscreen mode, Automatic Scene Switcher never sees Chrome. However, if I run "wmctrl -l" in terminal it shows all windows, including Chrome and Firefox even in fullscreen mode, so it's not a problem with my overall setup.

I read that the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin solves these problems, so downloaded it and copied .SO file to /usr/lib/obs-plugins. But, even after restarting my computer and OBS, Advanced Scene Switcher doesn't show under Tools and I can't find a workaround. Any help appreciated!
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