automatic scene switcher

  1. Mr. Mmhhmm

    Free OBS Key Moments v1.0

    Designed with a predictable workflow in mind; the OBS-Key-Moments dock will keep track of your progress through your typical livestreaming/recording scene list progression while recording a list of timestamps that can be copy/pasted into the YouTube description after the livestream/recording is...
  2. Y

    Scene Automatic Changing by the viewers, scene vote

    Hiii!, is there any way so, (only in) "A" scene viewers can change which scene it will be after a timer ends?, like a "scene vote"? I mean, i have a "choose scene: A, B, C or D?" scene, and i want (only) that scene to be an automatized scene to vote and automatically change scene by the chat...
  3. A

    The regular expression that you entered is invalid

    Hello! I need Automatic Scene Switcher to switch from one scene to another and the program I want to record changes the window name depending if the file it's saved or not, which creates problems to detect it. The name can either be (Saved) PaintTool SAI Ver.2 (64bit) Preview.2020.01.25 -...
  4. S

    automatic regular scene switcher

    Hi guys, I would like to stream and automatically switch back and forth between 2 scenes on a regular basis. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks in advance LG Schlamii
  5. J

    Bug Report Automatic Scene Switcher and Advanced Scene Switcher problems

    I'm frustrated trying to get either the built-in Automatic Scene Switcher or Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to work. I'm running OBS 23.2.1 on Ubuntu 16.04. Everything works great except automatic scene switching. Automatic scene switching is important to me since I switch back and forth between...