Auto Update To Test Branch/Start Stream Shortcut?


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Hey Jim. I had a cool (?) idea just now!
Say, when you implement auto updating into OBS, could there be an option for people to update to versions from the test branch/daily builds? You know, for people who like bleeding edge stuff? Or should they just stick with downloading it separately? Idunno, just thought it would be a cool thing. It could be really stupid too but I wouldn't know.

Just made an edit to this thread. Would it also be possible to add a start stream shortcut key in the future, or rework the stop stream shortcut to start the stream as well? Could there also be accompanying sound queues like a high ding for streaming and a low ding for stopping, like what some screen recording programs have (if a visual queue may be too obtrusive to some). I ask if this is possible for those who would wish to start streaming while running a game fullscreen and if they only have one monitor. I know some friends who can't afford a dual monitor setup and dislike having to alt-tab out of fullscreen games to do things on the desktop at times.


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Thanks for the suggestion. That's not necessarily a bad idea.

The sound thing is a good idea, if I were to implement it as a toggle.