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First time user here ...

Just modified my settings using several guides AND the estimator, and no matter what settings i'm using, i always get a constant audio-repeat while i'm streaming. (i'm trying to stream Planetside 2, World of Tanks and LoL, and, as an fyi, im streaming to

Fixing this will basically fix, at current, any and all problems i have using this software :D

If there's any further info i may need to post here to get this problem solved for me, just let me know... im looking to get this fixed ASAP so i can start my streaming.


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This is usually caused by watching your own stream while streaming, since OBS streams your PC sound it will also repeat the sound it hears from your stream. (Please check so that you do not have your Dashboard open with the stream preview running or anything like that.)

If you only get looping mic sound, you've probably added a webcam to the scene and set the audio device for the webcam to your microphone.


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yeah, i just asked one of my friends about it, im gonna delete the topic if i can. simply solved by not watching my own stream. -_- it just, most other streaming program's i've used don't do that kind've thing. :P


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I am having a similar problem... and its not because I am watching my stream :)

It is with the ATR2500-USB and this only happens in a few programs, OBS is one of them. It does not happen in Audacity or Microsofts built in recording software. Any ideas?

(It does not happen with my other microphones which are 2 built in logitech usb webcams, and 1 usb plantronics microphone).


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That video is private.

Make sure you microphone isn't added as both the OBS Aux input and the audio device of your webcams inside the video capture device source.


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Thank you, I changed the settings around but still have the same problem. I put default in the OBS Aux Input, should I leave it disabled instead? I also changed the video settings on youtube to make it unlisted.