Audio Processing Issues Specifically With Davinci Resolve


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I have been having some issues processing OBS recordings with Davinci Resolve specifically. When I upload media to Davinci Resolve the audio waveforms don't show until about 20 seconds into the clip and the audio is kind of messed up. I have Remuxed it to mp4 and mov files but nothing seems to work and I get the same issue. I also get an issue if I just convert it to an mp3 file with vlc I can't open the mp3 file with anything and it just says the file is corrupted. So that is why I believe it to be an issue with OBS and the way it is processing audio. Here is a video of the issue that I am having.

In the video I show the codec information and some other relevant info.

So I have been trying to figure out what is going on with the processing of audio here but there is definitely an issue with the way OBS is processing the audio. If I re-encode it with Shutter Encoder the issue goes away.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated