Audio not working correctly through capture card in OBS.


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I have bought an OZC4 Capture card to stream my switch games on twitch, I use a Ziumier Z20 Gaming headset for Mic and Audio.
When I hook up my headset to my capture card and stream the game through OBS as a Video Capture Device source, the game volume is recorded through my Mic/Aux Audio Mixer, not the VCD, making it next to impossible to hear my voice over the game audio.
I tried to edit the advanced Audio properties to switch audio monitoring to Monitor and Output for my VCD but didn't have any effect because I think the Sound is coming through the mic/aux.
I'm confused on why this is happening and would like to know if this is a hardware issue that I need to get a different capture card/mic, or there is a setting that I didn't switch off/on.
Any help would be appreciated.
Log from my last stream where I streamed a Switch game posted below.