Audio Mic Issues


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I currently own a blue snowball ice, and it works perfectly fine when it comes to talking to my friends on discord, etc. But when it comes on using OBS STUDIO the audio from the mic sounds weird as a talk on stream/recordings. The problem that I have it makes the audio sound as if I was going farther and farther away everytime even though I'm talking in the same position and same tone/volume. I attached a video to see if you can help me fix this issue.


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I would try the noise gate and noise suppression options (audio source >> filter >>), tweaking the gate's threshold, hold and release may do what you need. Likely live chats where other sounds like music are present may hide that you've always had the reverb you're hearing on this setup or the apps you are using are cleaning up your audio a little similar to what I recommended.

Your room, and proximity (distance from the mic) are going to cause this though. The audio you are getting is par for the course with a snowball at that distance in many rooms.