audio looping


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Hello everyone,
so i kind a have a big problem. when i am recording and listening to my audio its perfectly fine, but when istream it is something different. my game sound, or like sound from my headphone is also working perfectly, but the mic is the problem. Exactly not the mic but idk it's weird. so when i stream and i talk and my mic volume on obs is highest so default, its normal that my voice is loud, but the problem starts here. When i just talk noramlly and because the sound is loud on stream my voice is looping. like i taught its echo but if its at the highest it just loops and everytime it loops again the volume goes down. if i set the mic volume slide on obs to the middle lets say, my voice is comming really softly and like everyone has to max their volume to hear me at least a little bit. i cant use the mic volume i want because of the looping. everything i looked up didnt work or i just didnt do. LIke twitch on background i dont have or like 2 mics connected or something. i bought a new headset and was hoping it was the mic of the headset but it just isnt. anyone that can help me? its very frustrating

obs log file: