Audio Issues: Dual PC Setup through OBS with Elgato HD60X


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I am setting up a dual PC setup by using the Elgato HD60X. As per the minimal instructions Elgato provides within the package, I have the capture card usb plugged into my streaming laptop, the HDMI input to my gaming PC, and some others said to have the HDMI output to my main monitor. My camera is plugged into my streaming PC (works). My headset + mic is the Arctis Pro + Game Dac (wired) and that is plugged into my gaming PC (didn't switch). Now, my issue is that OBS only recognizes audio coming from my gaming PC if the sound is set to the HD60X. Thus, I don't hear anything in my headset (gaming PC) nor does OBS pick up any voice from my headset.

I have been fixated on this problem for a few days now. Looking at youtube videos, reddit threads, and even sent tech support questions to Elgato and steel series. So, I am trying to hear my gaming PC audio through my headset, use my microphone to talk in-game, discord, xbox PC chat, all while capturing this audio through my Elgato HD60x to my streaming laptop.

Gaming PC is Windows 10 and Streaming Laptop is Windows 11. Streaming laptop is a gaming laptop that I use for travel and I decided to upgrade my single stream to a dual setup. Please let me know of anything useful.... My head hurts