Audio external device not working


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Please help me out here. I want to stream a DJ set with Virtual DJ 2021 v8.5 64 b6067 with a Pioneed DDJ-SB2 console with OBS Studio 25.0.8 64 Bit for Windows.

As I add an external device the OBS recognizes the console DDJ-SB2. The device is added and the two audio bars are visible but somehow there is no audio to hear in the stream. The console and Virtual DJ are working properly as I am able to hear the music.

In the Audio Properties I changed the Audio-AUX to the DDJ-SB2 and it did not work, I checked the Properties and the console is recognized. I tried everything I could and I don't get the audio to be streamed. Desktop audio and microphone work ok, only the external device is a problem.

Please give me a little help

Last log file:



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I’m having the same exact issue. I have restarted my computer and followed every YouTube video step to a T and still no external audio source reads.


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It looks like this forum does not work as I was expecting. @AIMM : I found the error myself. In Virtual DJ you have two outputs, the the console and the headphones. The magic here is to add a third one: a booth output to desktop. You go to OBS and add a desktop audio and that is it, you have audio now.
To the forum: thanks for nothing