Audio drop-outs and time-shift in OBS recording


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I mostly do DJ streams and I recently found out something weird in multiple OBS recordings:


The track at the top is the audio recording from Audacity and the track at the bottom is the audio of the recorded video.
In the Audacity recording everyhting is fine, no drop-outs but in the OBS recording there are these strange drop-outs.

In the picture the tracks are "in sync" but when I took a screenshot a few kicks before that drop-out:

Both tracks are not in sync. It is like "when you delete the drop-out and move the OBS recording (bottom track) to the right, it will be in sync without a drop-out".

What could cause this strange time-shift and drop-out in the recording from OBS but not in the dedicated mix-recording?
It is one computer that is doing both recordings using the same soundcard.

My signal chain:
DJ Mixer puts out 48kHz S/PDIF into a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB.
Soundcard gets clock from external S/PDIF and is locked to it.

In Audacity I selected S/PDIF In and in OBS, too.
Every device is locked to 48kHz and in software everything is set to 48kHz.

I cannot say if it is on stream, too or only in the recording because no viewer is listening so carefully.

Recordings are mkv using the stream-encoder and get re-muxed to mp4 after the stream using the OBS feature.
These audio issues are in the mkv and mp4 recording!

log from this stream:


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Unfortunately i must confirm. Still using obs 26.1.1 under win10. All sound devices disabled but a steinberg ur-22. External playback of 1khz tone. i7 10th generation nearby idling.
With recording or streaming the same experience: By chance (random) happen such short dropouts. Sometimes once within in a couple of minutes, sometimes two dropouts within 20 seconds or even less. Randomly distributed.
The try/workaround as of user floele at github i find very interesting.


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And i remember to have seen this a year ago on a completely different machine with obs 26.x too.

By the way: Timeshift... unclear. But the small drops... yes, confirmed.


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The thing is: Due to the nature of live events in the case of streaming, for instance transmission of church services, people tend to be forgiving alot, especially in the case of ultra-short outages (its almost anticipated these days). But even then a short cut on audio is more distracting then a few lost frames. So ever stable audio wins (and is more important) then stable video for normal broadcast.

And using OBS for 'acting with live-faders' for producing (recording) instead of streaming this is terrible and nasty.
I'd be overhappy if the code-contributing folks working on OBS could fix this soon.


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Ajo. Den hat mir jemand vor ...zwanzig Jahren... :o verpasst. Ist doppeldeutig, weil ich mit der Tastatur in einer Textkonsole oft schneller als mit der Maus bin. Und dann, weil mit der "mixing console" auch meine Zweitprofession beinhaltet ist. =)

Aber jetzt ne DAU-Frage: Wie "upvote" ich was bei github?


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geil XD

Thank u for posting a reply on github. I have seen, you allready figured out how to upvote hehe