Question / Help Audio cutting out and ultimately muting on its own


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Hello. I have recently started Star Ocean for the PS3. All was well for the first stream. Then tonight, I had to cut on 2 separate occasions because the audio on the stream end went mute, despite it still showing in OBS as audio being heard. And it happened at very specific times in the broadcast, first an hour and 47 minutes in, then again an hour and 48 minutes in. Here is are clips demonstrating what I mean:

I streamed the other night with no such issues for about 2 hours and 28 minutes. However, the bit rate was lower. For tonight's stream I raised it to 4500 and it looked much better. But I theorize it could be the reasons the audio went. I don't know. I was hoping you guys could. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


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