Bug Report Audio bug

LOG: https://obsproject.com/logs/o2DwTTLJwZk_QsZ3

I noticed since version 24 (and now in version 25) that OBS does not output the audio to stream or recording in some cases.

- If you go to settings -> Audio, and disable Desktop audio and Mic audio. Then you add a video capture device (teste with el gato camlink 4k, and ezcap PCI), you can see how the audio mixer moves the green bar, also you can monitor audio and hear it in your PC, but OBS does NOT output that audio via stream or via recording.

- If you go to settings -> Audio, and disable Desktop audio and Mic audio. Then you add some browser sources, and chose -> control audio via OBS. same as before BUT, OBS outputs the first browser audio, but not the others.

I noticed that if you go to Settings -> Audio, and add a default Desktop audio, you can mute the desktop audio, and OBS DOES output the audio via Stream or Recording.


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Just in case it is useful to anyone: I constantly run into this bug and by now I have figured out the cause and the solution:
Cause: every time something changes in my audio devices like adding or removing an audio device something happens in OBS that all the browser sources that have the audio routed to OBS will stop being hear din the monitoring device. You will see the sound meter moving but you won't hear it.

1. Do not check the "Control audio via OBS"
2. Go to Advanced Audio Properties, set all the browser sources that are experiencing this issue to have the audio monitoring to "Monitor Off", Close the window, open the audio properties again, and then set the Audio monitoring to Monitor only/Monitor and output (whichever you normally use), close the window and now the audio monitoring should work again on your sources.