Question / Help [AUDIO] 2-person stream w/ Scarlett 6i6


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A buddy and I want to set up a stream together. We have our PCs set up in the same room and use a third dedicated streaming PC.
In terms of audio, our idea is to use something like the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 in lieu of a more involved mixer setup for streaming, recording and monitoring purposes.

Here’s what we’re looking to achieve with the interface:

- send desktop stereo audio from our gaming PCs to the streaming PC

- hook up our condenser mics

- record mic 1, mic 2, game 1 and game 2 separately of each other

- stream to Twitch via OBS with the ability to switch scenes: scene 1: game 1 + mic 1/2; scene 2: game 2 + mic 1/2

- low latency monitoring for both players, each player monitoring both mics and his own desktop audio

The big question: Can this be done? Pretty sure recording would work and monitoring could be aided by routing channels to the headphone jacks in the Focusrite control software. Not so sure about streaming and scene switching, though.
Who here as a similar setup and would be able to help a brother (or two) out?
Thank you.