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ATEM Mini and OBS - Some quick fun with the ATEM mini

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Recently Blackmagic introcuded the ATEM mini, a surprisingly powerful hardware switcher for around $300. While it's not going to replace man of the advanced features in OBS it has quite a bit of utility as a companion device. The Blackmagic site has a number of examples of how to use the ATEM in a traditional video production workflow, Since they've done such a good job we'll go over...
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Hi DDRBoxman,

Thanks for your guide!

You could also do that with a single ATEM input using a Chroma Key graphics engine, like H2R Graphics for example, without a dedicated Decklinck card, using one of your spare HDMI output on the Client PC.

You're technique is how graphics insertion is usually done, however, you could use the Downstream keyer rather than the upstream keyer's Luma Key function. The downstream keyer applies your graphics to the Program output and functions exactly as you showed. This frees up the Upstream keyer which allows you to do a Chroma Key or a Picture-in-Picture.
You could also use the DSK to display still graphics, provided they have an alpha layer. BMD lists the comaptible formats on the specification pagge of their devices IIRC.
The ATEM will convert a transparent layer of a picture in a key signal and fill it with the logo/title you created. This requires a bit of practice, but this means, while your graphics are static, that you can use all 4 inputs for cameras or other video sources and still have a logo, or a frame, or anything you want really.

If you have some After Effects know-how, CasparCG is a very powerful, completely free graphics generator that can use your Decklink Card to generate Key and Fill signals for your ATEM's DSK.

Also, installing the ATEM software if Photoshop is already installed will add a Plugin in PS that allows you to push any of your pictures directly in the ATEM's Library where all your logos and titles are stored.



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For the keyed overlays - should try - i just feeds into OBS as a browser source and so works well with Atem - OBS...