Asking other users: why are copies undivorceable content-wise?

I'm moving to my new computer instead of using my phone for out my mailing because thankfully I finally got house internet that is fast enough to do twitch.

One thing I was going to do was instead of using red and cyan monochrome 3D I was going to use either 16x 9 side by side half or 32x9 side by side full. I would get full color and accurate 3D if it was easy just to take the left side of the whole layout copy it and cut the width in half and place it on the left side and then make it another copy of it place it on the right side change all the left eyes to right eyes and have a perfect side by side half in perfect alignment.

The problem I always keep running into is that OBS treats content that is copied undivorable content wise. When you copy a layout with five cameras, let's call them camera 1L 2L 3L, 4L and 5 L, and you copy them all as a unit and paste them as a unit, you have a perfectly aligned left and right eye fairly easily. The problem is that if you changed camera that should be one 1R into 1R, it also changes one L into one dollar whatever I do to the right eye has to be done the same to the left eye at least in terms of input content meaning the camera input.

As far as I could tell it's impossible to divorce the left eye copy and the right eye copy though the five separate perspectives are divorced from each other.

Is there a good reason why copied windows cannot be divorced content wise?

I don't know if these copies are divorceable in other ways like for example in terms of position or size or in terms of effects? If those are divorceable why isn't internal content also divorceable what's the good reason for that?

No one wants to see a 3D presentation with a double left eye or double right eye. You might as well just have a 2d presentation at that point.

If there's a good reason why copy Windows cannot be divorced content wise I'd like to hear it so that I could say "okay makes sense I understand why they made that decision."

If there is no good reason why their content is married to each other why is it programmed that way in the first place and can we get the ability to divorce the two cameras?

But if there is a good reason why they're married maybe we should have an option that says divorced copy, which specifically copies the layout and the relative size and shape and position of each of the cameras but lets the content inside them be different from their copy so that you can have a separate left eye and right eye.

By the way I asked this and ideas and suggestions and they tell me an alternate way to do it but the thing is I can't figure out how to do that. I have to drag and drop and resize stuff the way I want in the left eye and make an exact copy for the right eye. Otherwise I have to pixel count the various windows and manually transfer them and make sure everything's lined up or else 3D is not right, and if the 3D is not right you might as well just broadcast in 2D or else you're going to give people motion sickness, due to incongruent 3d images.

I never understood why copies always married content wise. Why are they undivorcable? is there a good reason.

If someone relies on copies being exactly the same content wise please tell me the good reason for it. Also unless you want to overlay the same picture over itself and do nothing with it you have to divorce some aspect of one from the other either moving its position or changing its size or changing its ratio or changing its effects or some other aspect would be changed otherwise you're wasting processing doubling the same picture.