Question / Help Any suggestions on upload/settings for streaming?


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I streamed GTA V for a while and had issues on :
1.dropping frames(about once a minute,about 1 to 2 percent while streaming and effects a lot on my stream quality)
2.quality(gets blurry sometimes )

Recently I heard about NVENC from another streamer claiming
it can stream games in higher quality with less CPU,RAM costs.

I use ASUS gl502vt (laptop) for streaming,which to me is already satisfying (16g ram,GTX970,i7......)
since I can stream most games I like without lag.
The main issue is the internet I use: (download:33.61mb/s upload:33.61mb/s)
I used to stream at 3000kb/s,1280x720,30fps (x26) on OBS which leads to the issues I wrote earlier.

I am here to ask for :
1.suggestions for the best settings on OBS with the internet and laptop I have,
so I can have a clear stream with no worries on dropping frames every minute.

2.Would you recommend to change to NVENC for streaming?