An issue with OBS and DisplayLink


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I have a MacBook Pro with the latest MacOS version with an external monitor using a dock station with DisplayLink. The issue is: OBS shows a black screen that even has all the required permissions but when I close DisplayLink, it works just fine.

when trying to resize the window of OPS or drag it between screens. it keeps crashing and not able to use it at all

Does anyone have an idea about this?

I have only needed to use DisplayLink on a MacBook Pro 13" 2015 Intel version through the USB A port and that still works fine. My MacBook Pro 14" M1 doesn't required it at all through the UBS C ports. I somehow don't think this is an OBS issue because I know that the DisplayLink can be troublesome at first install. BTW I have ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AP 15.6 Inch USB Type-C Portable Monitor(Link).


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I'm using a USC C Dock which requires DisplayLink to work, I'm not using USB to display, I'm using HDMI. When I quit DisplayLink, OBS works just fine.

When I take off the USB C Dock and use a simple USB C to HDMI dongle, everything works fine too.

The problem shows up only when using DisplayLink.

I installed the free trial version of Camtasia, and everything works fine, it record the desk and audio too and it has no issues with DisplayLink.