Question / Help AMD PC Streaming Question


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Hey everyone!
I am trying to stream to Twitch without impacting in-game performance (that much).

Specs: Ryzen 7 2700x, RX 580 8gb. (I stream from CPU, 720p 60fps)

In any game, I try to get 144 fps (Capped) however, the RX 580 is not meant for 144 fps. I can achieve this FPS in the game I play without streaming.

How come when I stream with the CPU, I lose about 20 In-Game FPS? The R7 2700x has a lot of cores, so why can't I maintain the same FPS in-game while streaming?

I am 90% sure it's the CPU and not the GPU because when I stream Fortnite, I get the same fps streaming or not streaming. When I stream almost every other game, I lose too much FPS.