AMD Advanced Media Framework (Windows 7 vs 10)


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It is normal that you can record a game at windows 7 at 60fps, bitrate 50Mbps, high quality and without stuttering in the recording and in the game, but in windows 10 with the same configuration if you have a stutter in the video of having 1 frame each 5 seconds? OBS 25.0.8
Processor: i5 2300
Graphics: rx 560
Memory ram: 8GB
Actually OS: W10


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Hi I have same issue with RX 460 4GB, Ryzen 1600AF and 16gb 3200MHz RAM. Win10 latest updates.
x264 encoder is working fine, but seems low quality. The AMD encoder is broken, ingame no issue but recorded video is laggy af. I just cant use OBS atm. And btw I dont have issues with Radeon Adrenalin 2020 recorder also.
Before few months I was using OBS to record with even older CPU(same video card) and it was smooth and perfect quality. Now is absolutely broken and unusable.

Idk if i should try older OBS version... but I cant just install randomly I need to know from what version is broken.
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The recorder of the radeon adrenalin goes as well as when I had windows 7. I think the support they give the encoder is minimal or non-existent because the logic tells me that it should be the same or better in Windows 10