Question / Help All of the sudden dropping frames


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum but i was wondering if someone could help me out. I currently stream Via XBOX one with an elgato HD60 capture card. The platform I use is Twitch ( I do not know if that matters ). I have been streaming for about a year now and I just recently started having issues. No Matter what my bit rate, resolution, and FPS are set to I drop about 15% - 20% of my frames and my stream freezes or disconnects. I never had this issue before.
My settings are as followed:
Bitrate - 2500
Base Resolution - 1920X1080
Output Resolution - 1280X720
FPS - 30

I used to have my settings way higher for example
Bitrate - 4500
Base resolution - 1920X1080
Output resolution - 1920X1080
FPS - 60

If someone could please help me out I would appreciate it

Thank you,
John S