Advanced Scene Switcher Issue With transitions


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So I have an issue, maybe you can help me.

When I setup transitions in Advanced Scene Switcher (ASS - not an insult, love the switcher :)) It keeps my transition moving forward, unless I change it.

My issue or desire. I want the ASS to switch between certain scenes automatically. Though when it gets back to a regular scene after the transition, I would like it to go back to Fade for example.

I have custom stingers setup to take me in and out of certain scenes, for like a commercial break. Though it then keeps that last transition as the default transition moving forward.

Is there a way for the ASS to use my designated transition for that transition, but then go back to Fade, or Cut or something basic?

I have tried a work around by telling the ASS to do XYZ, and then within the ASS plugin on the transition tab, told it to default back to FADE if you are on "X" scene. Though this seems to screw up the preprogrammed scene transitions I have.

What am I doing wrong?


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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but if you use ASS to transition from scene to scene you will want to setup duplicates of the scenes and rename it for example myscene1, myscene2, myscene3, each one of the duplicates can have their own transition. If you go back to a scene the same transition that was applied before will occur. Let me know if this helps.