Advanced Scene Switcher Auto-Start Stream — Reoccurring Day of the Week


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I’ve downloaded the advanced scene swticher and figured out how to get it to auto-start a stream based on a specific scene and date. I’m looking for a week to set it to me re-occurring, so that (for example) every Sunday at 10:45, as long as OBS in on that scene, it will auto start. I see the “date” selection in the macro, is there a way to select a re-occurring day of the week? Or do the macro have to be set for a specific date each time?


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is there a way to select a re-occurring day of the week?
Have you tried something like this?
This will allow you to automatically start streaming on Mondays at 14:00:00, Tuesdays at 15:00:00, Wednesdays at 11:00:00, and so on ...


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