Advanced Scene Switcher | Audio tab


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I'm running a few cameras for a radio station, each camera is a scene.
I use Advanced Scene Switcher.
In the "sequence" tab I have a sequence of scenes setup, that works fine.
In the "audio" tab I have the post-fader input of the radio dj, it switches to a certain cam (scene) when the dj starts talking and in a second row, it is set to return to a certain scene after his speaking.
But then OBS remains on that last set scene in the Audio Tab, so it does not start the sequence setup anymore.
So how do I let OBS know that it sould switch back to the sequence of scenes after the dj stops talking?
Is that something with the Priority settings on the general tab?
Or is better for me to make a Scene Group (I let my 4 cameras switch every 5 seconds in the same order)

Thank you,