Addition of "Studio Only Scenes"


New Member
I think it would help immensely if there were such thing as "Studio Scenes"; scenes that, when added/tagged, are not meant to be switched to or be part of the live broadcast but rather are treated like "sub" scenes or nested comps in After Effects. Clicking on one of these scenes won't switch the live broadcast to that scene and won't trigger a transition, instead, you simply enter Studio Mode automatically and get the the subscene's sources and live preview.

The number of times I've misclicked into one of my pre-arranged "subscenes" live is not my proudest achievement. I have to enter my subscenes pretty regularly and have forgotten to activate Studio Mode a not insignificant number of times... to have the scene automatically switch to Studio Mode when clicked would be such a quality of life improvement and may even encourage creators/streamers to embrace nested comps and what they have to offer.