Add 360° support to OBS

Chris Hobcroft

New Member
With the imminent arrival of 360° cameras for livestreaming, I would like to be able to configure a 360 Video Capture Device as a Source.


New Member
Yes it is not compatible but you can make it work using the action director software and put it in live broadcast then put the camera in full screen and then just go to the obs and add the window that it will work, you can also go in custom and create an rtmp server and add it to the obs, you can still transform the Gear360 into a Webcam by adding the Obs Virtual Cam plugin, Sansung could simply transform this camera into a webcam that would solve everything just like companies like canon, gopro created solutions to turn your cameras into a webcam due to the pandemic demand, while this is not happening, OBs do this great miracle, hello OBS: -) ...