24/7 livestreaming to youtube using webhost


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I have researched it and read many post that you CANNOT USE a VPS to host OBS and stream live from a webhost that you need a big expensive several hundred dollar per month GPU Dedi Server with Windows . Cha Ching. I know this already my question is a bit more specific and I need any advice pointing me in the right direction.

Here is what I want to do. I have an internet radio station that broadcast onto spacial's SAM Broadcaster Cloud in 128kps. I can create widgets and embed code and generate listen links using either m3u or PLS playlist . So I want to be able to broadcast a live stream to youtube uninterrupted 24/7 from a remote server , NOT MY HOME COMPUTER . I want to be abler to capture the audio from my online internet radio station as the audio source for the live stream and for the video portion just a static image is necessary , So no need for hefty video resources. Just one low rez static image.

Now I have been looking around and I can't make sense of half of what is being offered out there. I don't need servers with listener slots etc. I only need the one slot going to YOUTUBE . The one output stream going to Youtube . Is there a server/host/vps that is not expensive that can output a stream to youtube capturing audio from my online radio station and insert a static image as the video portion? No files need to be stored on the server as they are all stored on my radio stations hosting service. The only thing I NEED is to stream 1 video source to Youtube that captures audio from an internet radio station and 1 static image as the video poriton of the stream.

Please respond only if you know exactly what I am talking about and have a solution or know how this can be done without breaking the bank.